Saturday, December 11, 2010

Keeping it Real

Hey all.

I started this blog to get out some feelings about some addiction and being in recovery.

I have invited my roomie from rehab a few years ago to join me.  He was and is my brother.  I was terrified when I went in there.  My whole life had been turned upside down.  I lost my job, my wife, my friends.  I had hit bottom.  When I got in there I was not only terrified but I was angry.  My buddy kept me sane.  I have now been clean for a few years now but I will not lie.  It is hard.  Very hard.

It is my hope that in having this forum for me to open up not only to my best friend but to the rest of you that it will help keep me clean and help me grow.

I may get a little raw in here from time to time but I am looking for support and honesty so please feel free to say what you feel and I will do the same.



  1. Seth - Congrats on your recovery and your desire to stay clean. I have experienced addiction through family members and know how devastating it is, but have also been blessed to watch them break free of those chains and start new lives.
    God Bless!

  2. Hey Seth! I'm so glad you posted on my blog! Men as well as women are welcome to read my blog and I really appreciate you commenting - I feel like I do have quite a few male readers, but none ever really comment :) so thank you!

    Can't wait to read more about your journey. I think blogging is a great release and a way to express your thoughts and keep yourself accountable for your actions.

    Best wishes to you :)

  3. I appreciate you speaking of accountability. That is one of the reasons I started this blog so people could call me on my stuff when it came up!

  4. Hey! leave me a comment giving me your email address and I'll put you on the list :)

  5. Hey, Seth. Thanks for stopping by my blog. There's a terrific bunch of people here in cyberspace that are on the same journey, and I for one want to give you all the support and encouragement I can. I really appreciate your honesty and your vulnerability in sharing your experience. You're right: recovery is HARD! But so worth it. Blessings. xo, pj

  6. Hey Lisa! I did that and thanks!

    P.J. Thank you so much for your support! I have a lot of people in real life but I am single now and spend a lot of time alone so it is important for me to get things out in a real way even when I am alone.

  7. Wow! That first post really reminded me of how this journey started. thank you

  8. Hey Seth,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog ;)
    Looks like we're blogging for pretty much the same reasons, to keep ourselves mindful of where we were.
    I am a follower ;)

  9. Brian!!!! What's up bro! This is going to help both of us a lot.

    and hi Julie! Thanks so much. I think that there is not even such a thing as too much support in this!

  10. I always like to find new blogs as I recall when I was starting out and trying to figure out this blogging stuff. I am now a follower here.
    I'll try to keep up with you, but I'm now following an awful lot of other blogs and sometimes it gets tough.

    Good luck to you in your journey and stay strong.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Getting clean and staying clean takes courage and strength, so well done to you!

    Thanks for visiting me and taking the time to comment. :)

  12. Arlee..It's okay man no promises! HA.

    Ak...I feel stong today and thank you!

  13. Wow! I read about your "solution" (I call "problem" - "solution").

    Well, I was born in Israel and lived there until age 30 (now 32). I devoted four years of my time serving in the IDF - Israel Defense Force. I saw all kinds of mutilation, psychics and cracks at the soldiers, youth, children, mothers, fathers and brothers, desperates with the consequences of war and terrorism on your lifes.

    People tend to see everything in black rules, many they says prefer to be dead, or that they will never overcome the problem. But the problems are over! What's to come has to be the "solution" - no matter what, but it should be a "solution" forever.

    - Wanting to start is the first step, one step at a time, always making good deeds use your "solution" and surprise yourself, if you want to surprise the others, be brave and playing a good game to win the greatest victory - Your Liberty.

    Throw away the ghosts and go, life is there to live.

  14. C'mon tell us about this craziness!!!!

    Thanks for the message at mine.

    Crazy stories. Now. Please.

  15. Wow, simple and moving post. I know you can do it, because God is beside you.

    I'm excited to hear more about how you conquered the problem! Good for you Seth! And Brian!